Meet the team

Devyani Mehta

Founder and President

"It all started with a report I came across. A report that addressed 'period poverty' in a country like India and the statistics mentioned were unexpected and baffling. As I counted my blessings this pandemic, I couldn't help but think about these people who are struggling to acquire minimal necessities during these tough times. I began to read more about it, and as my knowledge about the problem grew, so did my determination to change something. I decided that I wanted to contribute to the lives of the less privileged girls and women. Project Rakt was born out of this thought. I am fortunate to have enthusiasts who support and share this vision. Collectively, we pledge to bring our strengths together to serve girls and women by fulfilling their menstrual needs. "


Team Rakt

"This painting is the manifestation of dozens of choices and decisions the artist made along the way from concept to completion. We only see the final product, but the real art is the way it all comes together.”


Director of Operations - Affiliations

Carol Johnson

Meet Carol! She is presently pursuing her degree in biotechnology from MIT, Manipal. She enjoys dancing and has learned the very elegant dance form—Bharatnatyam, for 14 years. She has always been a compassionate and generous individual and that makes her the perfect fit for service to the community. Also, she makes the world's best brownies.

Guidance Committee


Rehan Gupta

Meet Rehan! He is a 24-year-old student leader who is focused on giving his best to everything he takes up. He is an engineering graduate, with 5 years of experience in various not for profit setups and is actively working on a project to support and help the daily wagers - ForDailyWagers


Sumit Agarwal

Meet Sumit! He is a final year engineering student at Manipal Institute of Technology. He is a travel enthusiast and loves experiencing new cultures. The idea of innovation excites him. He has passion for social entrepreneurship and desires to contribute to the society in whatever capacity.


Sanjana Harlalka

Meet Sanjana! In the pen-ultimate years of her journey to be a Dentist, Sanjana is on a constant lookout to travel the road less taken. Smitten by the beauty of the unexplored parts of the world she finds it difficult to stay captive in her thoughts.
She is presently working on an initiative to educate and empower girls - Anam Cara Foundation @anamcara_foundation