Meet the team

Devyani Mehta

Founder and President

"It all started with a report I came across. A report that addressed 'period poverty' in a country like India and the statistics mentioned were unexpected and baffling. As I counted my blessings this pandemic, I couldn't help but think about these people who are struggling to acquire minimal necessities during these tough times. I began to read more about it, and as my knowledge about the problem grew, so did my determination to change something. I decided that I wanted to contribute to the lives of the less privileged girls and women. Project Rakt was born out of this thought. I am fortunate to have enthusiasts who support and share this vision. Collectively, we pledge to bring our strengths together to serve girls and women by fulfilling their menstrual needs. "

Team Rakt

"This painting is the manifestation of dozens of choices and decisions the artist made along the way from concept to completion. We only see the final product, but the real art is the way it all comes together.”

Director of Operations - Affiliations

Carol Johnson

The taboo around Menstruation is still prevalent in some societies where it is believed to be unclean and embarrassing. This is misogyny, which needs to be changed. Who else could bleed for a week and not die? Girls are superheroes! Through Rakt, we would like to spread awareness about this which would definitely give me a sense of fulfillment

Guidance Committee

Rehan Gupta

I want to realise my capacity of coming up with innovative solutions to help the underprivileged, which is what attracted me to Rakt which seems like a relevant solution to get rid of the taboo around menstruation in our country.

Sumit Agarwal

"No access to menstrual hygiene is the fifth biggest killer of women in the world"
This fact drives me to work for this cause and helps me provide a better and hygienic life to unprivileged girls and women.

Sanjana Harlalka

It only takes one voice, at the right pitch to start an avalanche. A clear conscience and open eyes are enough for us to realise our privilege in these tough times. This pushes me to try to make my surrounding a more habitable place for fellow humans to flourish. Menstruation is not a taboo, shaming it is.

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